Interview With The Founder

For this month’s blog post we are spotlighting our founder Stefanie Henderlin, with a background in midwifery and herbal medicine, in an interview with her we take a look at everything that inspires her and where she wishes to take her brand, Mångata Apothecary.

Question #1: Why did you start this business?

Mangata Apothecary was started with the plan to educate the population in the simple fact that weeds are medicine. For example, dandelions are disregarded as useless and unwanted, however they have the potential to provide so many benefits and yet very few people understand this. Mangata consists of a collection of 22 products all based on the power of herbalism and are the result of real human needs.

Question #2: What was your mission at the start of your company?

To bring botanicals back to the forefront of people’s mind so that we begin to utilize the power in our own backyards and bring health and wellness naturally back to our bodies.

Question #3: What does Mangata Apothecary mean to you?

It is an outlet and passion for me. Being a mom of soon to be 3 children, I have found that sometimes I desperately need time to myself. Being able to steal a couple hours from the day to be in my office, working, brings me a lot of joy. It allows me to work on my passion as it is almost like self-care for me. Having the ability to create something that my customers enjoy, while educating them about my passions is an absolute amazing feeling. 

Question #4: How has your background in midwifery helped and enhanced your brand?

 I can use it for credibility which people always look for. It has been a rock in the foundation of the story of how Mangata was formed. My clients were the first people who used Mangata product, before Mangata was even an idea. Midwifery was always where I first learned of the power of herbalism and really studied the power of alternative medicine.  Midwifery itself is a very natural form of pregnancy and childbirth, based on the belief that it is a natural process to give birth and very little intervention is needed. 

Question #5: Where do you hope to see Mangata Apothecary in 5 years?

In the next two years I want to see my products on natural food store shelves competing with other natural products and succeeding. My products are simple, yet effective and I am passionate about providing easy solution, natural solutions to so many health and wellness concerns. In 5 years I want to open a brick and mortar, be finally studying to complete my Masters of Science in Herbalism, and be educating the public in how they can take care of their bodies, using weeds from their backyard.



One thought on “Interview With The Founder

  1. Anita Marshall says:

    Super proud of you Stef ~Way to follow your passion!

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