Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you currently may be scrambling to find a gift for your significant other, to show your token of appreciation. Or you may be looking for something to treat yourself with this year. Either way, I am here to help you out with your mission. 

It is so important that we take the time to appreciate ourselves, as it forms the base of how we allow others to treat us. I made my products to be an outlet of love and healing. Made in small batches, with a lot of heart, I’ve created a little guide of 4 rollers and 1 balm that we believe will help give you that jump start. 

Botanical Rollers

Our rollers contain herbal essential oil blends to apply on the skin topically. They help elevate and improve different emotional states, providing a grounding effect for the mind, body and spirit. 

If you like diffusers, you might want to give this try. It’s your own aromatherapy on the go. Apply when needed. For best use, apply on the neck, temples, and pulse points.


1. Botanical Roller "Chill"

This roller offers a more feminine scent with highlights of geranium and nutmeg. Geranium has a sweet, lemon-like rose scent that relaxes the mind and body. Perfect to help unwind the stress of the day. Nutmeg has calming properties and aids in releasing serotonin in the body, providing an uplifting aroma. 

2. Botanical Roller "Recoup"

Recoup was created for everyone, offering a gender neutral scent showcasing cypress and juniper. Cypress has a fresh aroma that is woody with a hint of sweet balsamic. While juniper has a woody yet crisp and sweet smell. These two go hand in hand, giving that calming and grounding effect, that will help you get out of your head.

3. Botanical Roller "Upwards"

Another roller that has a gender neutral scent with highlights of patchouli and arborvitae. Patchouli is derived from the patchouli plant, known to have what is described as a sweet musky scent. Often used in candles and perfumes. It eases stress, giving a sense of relaxation. 

Arborvitae has a deep, earthy scent that acts as a powerful cleansing agent. It purifies the space surrounding you and protects against seasonal or environmental threats. Great to start your day with. 

4. Botanical Roller "Perk"

With orange and mandarin scents, this roller will help lift your mood, hence its name. 


Our body naturally loses moisture, more so at night. So to help keep your skin moisturized throughout the night, balms were created. They offer better protection than lotions as balms are formulated with oil and don’t contain any water.

Mangata Apothecary

5. Botanical Dreams Balm

Beauty sleep is important and we recognize that, which is why we created this balm. Dreams balm encourages peaceful sleep. With lavender, rose, chamomile, and hops, it is sure to calm your nerves allowing you to drift to a good night sleep.

We want to help you feel good. Use the discount code “Valentine20” to get 25% off your order. Valid until February 13, 2022


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