Dissipating Myths About Herbal Products: 

Sometimes it feels like there is a myth surrounding herbal and natural products. People may think that they do not work or are not as effective as other pharmaceutical products may be. When I became interested in herbalism and decided to pursue it as a career, one of my goals was to dissipate this myth. Through my apothecary business, I want to educate people on the true power and effectiveness of herbal medicine so more people can learn about the healing power of herbs and nature. As you may already know, herbs contain many naturally occurring chemicals, which are often extracted and used in pharmaceutical medicines as well. This comes to show that the effectiveness of herbs should not be questioned as they are widely used in today’s world. More and more families are deciding to eliminate toxic products in their homes and instead are starting to utilize natural products like herbs and plants for cleaning, skincare, healing and much more.

Getting Started with Herbalism

Herbs can be used in thousands of ways like herbal teas, skincare, medicine, ointments and oil. When determining what herbs to use and what herbs are ideal for certain situations doing a little bit of research is necessary, but I am here to help with that. When I first discovered that dandelion leaves are edible and that roots could be used as general tonic, I dove deep into the world of herbalism and realized that what we may consider to be just “weeds” in our gardens, may be plants full of nutrition and healing abilities. My goal is to educate people on herbalism and pass my knowledge onto future generations to use as well.

First Steps Towards a Green Home

There is a certain “process” to follow when getting started with herbalism and making your own skincare and herbal products

1. Acquiring Your Herbs

First thing to consider is how you are going to obtain your herbs. It is vital to buy quality herbs! Ensure the product is organic or grown without dangerous chemicals. When purchasing find out how long the herb has been sitting in storage for, or you can simply consider growing them yourself, ensuring quality.

Mangata Apothecary

2. Drying Your Herbs

If you hope to store your herbs for later use then proper drying of the herb is essential. Begin by rinsing your herb bundle with water, tie them in medium sized bunches, and hang with cloths hooks in an area of the house where the sun won’t shine. From there, once dry, you can use them to your liking for many different recipes.

Mangata Apothecary

I wrote my book "Eating Weeds" with the purpose of providing people with the opportunity to explore and experiment with different recipes using herbs. This book provides a complete step-by-step process on different methods to prepare and use your herbs and has many recipes you can follow to start your path towards a toxin free home.

Eating Weeds E-Book

Getting To Know Your Backyard Weeds As Medicinal Herbs
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