#327 Botanical Skin Balm


Blended with handcrafted, infused chickweed oil, which has special properties for skin health and wholeness. Recommended for those with dry, troubled skin.

See Girl Gang facial routine HERE

Ingredient Highlights:

1) Stellaria Media (Chickweed): healing and soothing properties

2) Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil: moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effects


Suggested Use:

1) Take pea-sized amount./ Prenez une quantité de la taille d’un pois.
2) Rub into troubled area./ 2) Frottez dans la zone troublée.
3) Repeat throughout the day for 1-2 weeks./ Répétez tout au long de la journée pendant 1 à 2 semaines


cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, stellaria media (chickweed) extract, cera flava, tocopherol.


3 oz, 1 oz

4 reviews for #327 Botanical Skin Balm

  1. Julie Medeiros

    Loved the Skin Blalm for my daughter’s sensitive little skin. Anytime we have a mild rash or dry spot the ‘balm’ is our first go to. Goes on smoothly and not greasy. Also, no guilt for this mom because I love the fact it is all natural!

  2. Aman Brar

    i developed eczema after delivering my baby and this balm is amazing! unscented which really helps and is very soothing. highly recommend!!!

  3. Jessica Klein

    I am absolutely in LOVE with this Balm. Its nice to find a locally made product without nasties that instantly makes my skin feel hydrated. I tend to neglect my feet and this makes them feel so soft and smooth! My husband and toddler also use this balm on their eczema patches. We highly recommend it!

  4. Dani Huisman

    I have EXTREMELY dry hands. Cracked and bleeding often (EWW, I know). But I LOVE this balm, it is very soothing, smells great, and really helps to keep my dry skin under control. I use this daily, and it makes me feel not so bad about cuddling my kiddos with razor hands lol. Recommended!

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