Eating Weeds E-book


Getting to Know Your Backyard Herbs as Medicinal Weeds.

This beautifully illustrated e-book provides the reader with education on herbal preparations along with over 40 herbal recipes for nourishment, beauty, balance, and health. This book also provides the reader with resources for further education as well as links to products.


This is the first e-book written by Stefanie with the goal of making weeds (botanicals) easy to understand and use.

The most recent line of products created and sold by Mangata Apothecary- have been released as an accompaniment of Eating Weeds, as a version of the recipe for each product are generously included within the e-book (along with more unrelated recipes).

However; Eating Weeds is more than just recipes- it teaches the ground work for basic herbalism, instructing the reader on how to implement botanicals into ones day-to- day life.

It is an excellent starting point for anyone interested in herbalism or natural remedies!

(Format: Downloadable pdf.)

36 pages.

1 review for Eating Weeds E-book

  1. Sarah Jean

    A very well thought out guide full of recipes and knowledge!

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