Nothing works on it’s own…

I don’t have a magic pill.

Recently I’ve been having neck pain. Most likely from breastfeeding a baby EVERY HOUR (yes we have deeper issues than just neck pain here!) in bed and falling asleep in a bad position.

It took me 3 WEEKS to decide to do something about it.

What did I do?
I rubbed #329 Botanical Massage Rub into my neck.
Did it work? Kinda.
My point? It doesn’t work on it’s own.

If you want to find more natural methods of care and comfort for your body- you need to expect things to work together, and slower, but more completely.

For example, my neck pain feels a bit better after massaging it, but I also need to strengthen the muscles, stretch, and sleep proper. I could drink more water, train my baby to stop breastfeeding EVERY HOUR and not spend so much time slouching.

One of my favourite herbalists says the following: “Modern medicine does not think in broad physiological terms. For instance, stomach ulcer would be treated by the use of an anti-bacterial that kills the bacteria associated with gastric ulceration. It does not attempt to change the tissue imbalance that led to the proliferation…. In holistic herbal medicine, on the other hand, we would want to change the tissue state that supports the invasive agent…(The Practice of Traditional Western Herbalism by Matthew Wood, pg 14).”


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