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You probably NEED a Linen Spray!

You NEED my product! Well at least you NEED something natural to get rid of terrible smells…right?

No? Oh, well image you lived in a basement suite because your house is being renovated.

You have a doberman, you have a cat, you have a toddler, an infant, an in-law, a husband. You have baby crap everywhere. Your options for rooms are; the bathroom, the living room/dining room/kitchen/porch/laundry room/hallway/storage area, the kid’s room, and your room.

Now the babies are still in diapers, the fan in the bathroom doesn’t work too great, the washing machine is as old as h***, someone doesn’t like wearing deodorant (oh its you?! Sorry), it’s winter, and the exercise bike is in the the living room/dining room/kitchen/porch/laundry room/hallway/storage area!

So, does this imaginary person need linen sprays?

What if the linen spray smells so good and is safe enough to spray on your body? What if the spray can be used on clothes, as an air freshener, an odour mask?

Now do you see it?

If you’re currently like me, you probably NEED linen sprays!



  1. I love this linen spray. I use it on my bed linen a couple times a week, in my clothing closet and in my cabin on our boat. So fresh and lovely!!

  2. Love Linen Spray! My young daughters love it too. They must have their “sleepy spray” (as they call it) as apart of their bedtime routine. I appreciate that I do not have to worry about harsh chemicals being on their blankets and it smells lovely.

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