Bi-Monthly Subscription Box

$69.00 every 2 months

VIP Customers! Try Mangata products at a VERY STEEP discount!


Every two months receive a new collection and try our best sellers at a fraction (30% off!) of the cost!

Plus- free samples in every order!

First collection will ship out on the first of the following month.

You won’t regret this subscription!!!

*Send an email to hello@mangataapothecary before the 15th of the month if you wish to switch out a collection for a repeat if one doesn’t interest you (Subject to availability)!


1) Mangata Collection

2) Spa Collection

3) Top Balm Collection

4) Wellness Bath Collection

5) New Mom Collection

6) Botanical Roller Collection (3/5 rollers)

7) Botanical Roller Collection (2/5 rollers plus bonus New Release item!)

8) Past Favourites (Surprise Collection)


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