These Heroic Herbs Can Help You Navigate The Fall Season Effects Smoothly

Herbs for Fall Season

I get asked this often: “Share some quick and best herbal remedies to deal with health issues during the fall season.”Mangata Apothecary

I absolutely adore fall/autumn for its jaw-dropping beauty outside the window, magical colours on trees, cold-crisp air, and delicious warm drinks. However, it brings us some health issues too. 

You must have noticed some stiffness in your muscles, this is because of muscle contraction. Temperature goes down and we experience muscle tightness. Some people can feel a significant difference, while others can ignore it.

Similarly, we go through some health concerns and sickness issues in the fall season that we can navigate smoothly if we are already well-prepared. Let’s break it down:

  • Dry and Drained SkinMangata Apothecary

I hate to see my hands and feet dry like a dessert. It’s easy for people to suggest that you must stay hydrated and moisturize daily. 

You know sometimes we forget, sometimes we are lazy, or in my case, I must moisturize my hands after every wash or otherwise my hands will be 96 years old. 

I was so frustrated, then I noticed maybe I was using the wrong product. I might need something greasy enough that my thirsty skin can rely on.Mangata Apothecary

Well, it’s a long journey of spending a lot of money on various products marketed effectively. Then, I switched to a simple yet highly effective solution. You might already know as it is already found in our homes.

Yes! It’s coconut oil.Mangata Apothecary

Along with coconut oil, my mother made me a highly effective solution to deeply repair my skin. It’s super easy to make and it’s super effective. If you want, you can call it a serum too.

So, all you need is these 3 ingredients in equal quantities:

  • Glycerin
  • Fresh Lemon JuiceMangata Apothecary
  • Rose Water

Suppose you are using ¼ cup Lemon juice, you must take ¼ cup glycerin and rose water too. Simple mix it well. Pour it into a spray bottle and store it in the refrigerator. You can store it for up to one month. (Make it once! Enjoy it for a month.)

Mangata ApothecaryJust spray it on your dry skin every night before going to bed and feel the softness in the morning. 

As it has lemon, it might itch a little if you have cracked skin. Discontinue usage if your skin gets any allergic reaction.

Mangata ApothecaryMangata ApothecaryIf you are looking for natural body care products that deeply heal your dry skin and keep your skin moisturized during the day, go for Heel Balm. It is specifically formulated for done-dry skin. If you are looking for regular moisturization, purchase Skin Balm.

  • Cough, Cold, and Flu During Fall

Mangata ApothecaryAh! Here we come to a point which totally stops us from enjoying our day. After Covid, the flu season is scarier than ever.

One Aaachhhooo! Ahemm! And you need to self-isolate yourself.

Mangata ApothecaryI don’t mind staying alone and enjoying my warm drinks with tissues around me, but this is not a great-looking situation, right? Especially, if you are a mom.

So, what to do with this: Achoo! Achoo! Ahemm! Hem-hem!?Mangata Apothecary

I have some effective herbal solutions to boost your immunity and if you get sick, you can reduce the duration of sickness.

Firstly, keep these 4 herbs at home all winter long.

  1. Ginger
  2. Elder Flower
  3. Echinacea
  4. Elderberries

Along with natural honey and cloves.

Herbal Steam for cough cold and flu. #herbalremedies

Herbal Steam BathMangata Apothecary

Create a DIY herbal steam bath by boiling a pot of water with herbs such as ginger, elderflower, echinacea, cloves and/or mint. Place your face over the pot with a towel draped over your head, allowing the steam to open your pores and relieve congestion.

Mangata ApothecaryHerbal Tea

Buy quality herbs for wonderful tasting and highly effective teas. A common way to prepare herbal teas is to boil water. Once you see bubbles dancing vigorously, add herbs/tea sachet and let the herbs steep for 5-10 minutes.

The most effective herbal tea blends for cough, cold and flu are:

Elderflower and lemon tea
Mangata ApothecaryGinger honey tea
Echinacea and elderberry tea

Mangata ApothecaryHerbal Aromatherapy

Boil herbal water daily to infuse your space with a refreshing aroma, creating a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. It’s like having magic in the air!

Mangata Apothecary

Other Fall Season Health Issues

You might be experiencing these at a subtle level:

  • Vitamin D Level Drops (if you are relying on Sun only)
  • Fall Fatigue 
  • Digestive Issues

To deal with all these issues in an herbalist style, incorporate the following herbs into your lifestyle.

  1. Ashwagandha
  2. OreganoMangata Apothecary
  3. Holy Basil

If you need help and ideas to incorporate these herbs into your lifestyle, visit Mangata Apothecary dispensary or book an appointment with Stefanie.

Mangata ApothecaryI don’t wanna sound typical or boring, but I still want to emphasize the importance of keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day and doing self-massages regularly.

Until then, Mangata Apothecary

Stay Alive and Kicking!

Maryum A.

Mangata Apothecary





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